Why The Key To Unlocking A Woman’s Power Is In Her Orgasm

A woman in a black swimsuit walking into shallow sea water
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If you keep a woman from her orgasm, you keep her from her creativity and power!

This is the secret weapon the patriarchy/religion has been using for centuries to keep women submissive and disconnected from their power. By convincing the people that desire is lust and that lust is evil, religion successfully separated humanity from his/her own divinity and God since the ecstatic state of orgasm is the highest vibrational energy possible for humans to achieve and is the time when they are most connected with each other and with the Divine.

Women have bought into this lie, which has been perpetuated in most societies and religions around the world. Women are taught that a woman who enjoys sex is a slut and that being a slut is wrong or evil. They are taught to view a woman who is confident in her sexuality as a threat and so they berate her and fear her while the men slut-shame her on one side and call her a prude if she won’t “give it up to them.” There is no winning for either sex in this situation! Men, on the other hand, have not completely accepted the lie…at least not for them. For one thing, procreation does not occur when there is no male orgasm…women, however, can have many children without ever having experienced a single orgasm, and often do!

Let’s take things a step further…women in our society have been taught for centuries that seeking ANY form of pleasure, sexual or otherwise, is SELFISH and VAIN and that VANITY is wicked! Women are supposed to give until they have nothing left and then continue to give miraculously from an empty cup. Taking time even for simple pleasures such as walking in nature or a leisurely bath with candles is often considered a waste of the time she ‘should’ be spending caring for the needs of others. Give to their mate, their children, the church, the community…never say “NO!” She is taught that her body is not her own…that it is for the pleasure of her husband…and how dare she enjoy herself…and again, never say “NO!”


You cannot give from an empty cup! Exquisite self-care is essential and ensures that you have a full cup to give from…it is a part of your self-love practice and creates the space for developing a deeper connection with the essence of who you truly are. The chemicals released during a woman’s orgasm (oxytocin, dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, etc) literally make colors brighter, scents and flavors more intense, awaken creativity and passion, deepen the love and connection with her lover, and open up her powers of manifestation. A woman cut off from her orgasms is literally cut off from the full potential of her power!

A woman has the power to create and give life within her body…this process is miraculous and she deserves to be honored and revered as the sacred vessel that she is! She is POWERFUL!!!

An awakened man will put his woman first, knowing that by doing so, he actually is increasing his own pleasure. An awakened man knows that a powerful woman does not threaten his masculinity, but rather strengthens him as she stands with him, holding him in his excellence as they grow together.

When women are honored in a society, everyone wins! TC mark

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