How To Send A Dick Pic That Will Actually Make Her Wet

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There has been a LOT of opinion going around lately about the inappropriateness and even sense of violation women feel when they receive unsolicited dick pics from men, and justifiably so!

There have even been some who say that it is NEVER appropriate to send anyone a dick pic. I would like to give the guys who really have a deep desire to send dick pics to the woman of their affection, and have them truly appreciated, some guidance as to exactly how they can create this miracle… for real.

Firstly, you must ensure that you have created an intimate emotional connection with said person and that your relationship has already reached a point where they have seen your dick up close and personal… and enjoyed it! Ensure that she feels safe with you and feels fully seen and loved for all of who she is. Deep sexual trust is created when she feels both safe AND turned on!

Secondly, foreplay is necessary before you send someone a photo of your dick. Sending a dick pic before creating a desire in your lover to receive the pic is like jumping straight into penetration with no foreplay…selfish!

Begin by kissing her tenderly and passionately before you begin your workday and whispering how beautiful she is and how she turns you on…and what you want to do with her later that evening. Treat her like a goddess!

Send her juicy messages throughout the day to build the eroticism. Keep it tantalizing and teasing… make it fun! Include messages that are not sexual but rather communicate her value to you as a partner and equal in your life.

Thirdly, let her set the pace. You may be dying to send that dick pic because all the erotic play between you has you totally turned on, but don’t. Make her want it!

When she’s so excited that she sends you that sexy AND explicit pic of herself, THEN you can return the favor and send her that photo of your aroused member that you’ve been just bursting with desire to send her.

Take the pic in the moment so its spontaneous and make sure it’s still fully clothed. In the realm of dick pics, less is more! Trust me… when she sees your turn-on attempting to escape the confines of your clothing and realizes that she is responsible for that in that moment, she will feel powerful… and turned on!

Now, if she ASKS for an unclothed photo of your dick, by all means, share it with her! Otherwise, stick to the aroused and covered version. She will have been percolating all day and feeling totally aroused and juicy by the time the promised encounter from that morning occurs. So aroused that she may even tear your clothing off herself!

And remember… let her set the pace in person as well. Focus on her… read her body… feel her responses to your touch. Honor her entire body and always make her want more BEFORE you give her more.

Allow her to experience her desire. She will feel you feeling her and responding to her body. This will create the deep trust and that is required for her to fully surrender into pleasure and experience the ecstatic bliss that she is capable of! This is truly one of the greatest gifts you can give her! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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