Why Have One Guy When You Have More Needs Than He Can Take Care Of?


Many trending articles lately have been discussing and analysing how a lot of females, especially in the university stage of life, just don’t have time for a “real relationship” anymore and prefer more casual things.

Well, perhaps not that we don’t have time, but just that we can’t we bothered with them for one reason or another at this point in our lives. I’m nearing the end of my university years and I, too, have become one of those girls wary of anything close to a committed relationship and so, I have (kind of) found my own solution.

Whether people agree or not, it works for me for now and that’s what is important right?

So, instead of just having one committed guy to “fill my needs” I have found multiple guys who are there to serve different purposes in my life…

1. Mr. Stress Reliever

The guy who’s only a text away when you are stressed and just need some good old-fashioned sexual relief; no real conversations necessary.

2. Mr. Drunk and Lonely

The guy friend you text/who texts you at the end of the night when you’re both drunk and going home alone and looking for company; a chill friendship with a mutual understanding that it’s harmless fun.

3. Mr. Comfort

The close guy friend you call when you’re bored/upset/frustrated and just want someone to cuddle up to while watching a movie; a secure, comforting friendship with no expectations.

4. Mr. Coffee Date

The great guy you make coffee dates with when you want some real, intellectual conversation. He provides a nice break from the stressful world of school and friend drama, great guy but so nice you couldn’t date him.

5. Mr. Fake Boyfriend

The guy you go on casual dates with every once in awhile; a lunch or dinner date here, a couple drinks at a bar there, maybe a movie theatre date now and then, usually ending up in one of your bedrooms. Sporadic relationship-like encounters but with no consistent contact or expectations in between.

There they are, I currently have all 5 of them involved in my life and I couldn’t be happier. They’re all friends (of some sort) and all are okay with whatever casual situation we have going on, so for now it works. Maybe if I find a guy who really intrigues me and fits into my life style/future plans I will consider going back into a committed relationship but for now, this style works for me. Who says people need to be tied down to 1 other person? At this point in our lives so much is constantly changing and happening that it is rather hard to find stability. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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