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Why You’ll Love The Voice

You will begin to really care about these people, these exceptions to the rule. Not only talented, they’re so likeable. You love them before they’ve even performed. And then they perform! It is an amazing thing to see a person redeemed. You may cry at parts.

Torture Porn: Then & Now

Torture porn has evolved, undoubtedly due to the sequel effect, in which each new thing must be more of everything than the last.  Unfortunately this has changed our focus from the one way that it could redeem itself.

10 Types Of Bosses You Can Have

The hippy boss. Smells like weed, of course. Works in surprisingly professional places such as law offices and schools in not surprising professions such as art teachers and gofers. Talks about energy and transcendence a lot. Wears piercings and dreads that she can’t pull off anymore.

Getting Fired: The Stages of Grief

After a few more days, you figure out you need money, no matter how unjust it seems. You carelessly fill out job applications and send out resumes you’ve neglected to update. You get a few calls and go to a few interviews. You can’t create focused answers. You fumble and know the smile doesn’t show in your eyes.

10 Reasons to Date a Depressive

Drugs. Depressed people love to self-medicate. This often means unlimited beer and usually pills and pot. If you’re into speedy drugs though, you’re out of luck. Depressives are terribly uncomfortable with bouts of increased energy.