Read This If You’re Trying To Get Over Him

It’s already hard enough not being able to get them off your mind 24/7, lying in bed at 3 a.m., only being able to feel brokenhearted and the wetness of your pillow. This happens after you finally want to move on with your own life, longing to smile and create your own happiness. After you’ve been destroyed and manipulated, you deserve better. It’s all about picking up the pieces and starting over again. You deserve better, and you should wait until someone is willing to give you better.

If you’re trying to get over him, delete him off of your social media. He no longer needs to validate your life’s occurring events, and keeping up with him will only cause more pain. You don’t need to constantly look at his Snapchat to see where he is or who he’s with.

If you’re trying to get over him, don’t respond to him, because calling and texting him back can only pull you into a hole you can’t get out of. Now, imagine you being stuck in a hole with him…

If you’re trying to get over him, tell your friends. It will be easier to get over him now that your friends aren’t asking you to go on double dates with their significant others or if you are going out with him this weekend instead of being with your friends.

If you’re trying to get over him, try finding yourself. Find things that make you happy. Take up a dance class, yoga, cooking class, or pottery class. Get that hairstyle that you’ve always been scared to try.

If you’re trying to get over him and can’t, then maybe he’s not the one you should get over. Try Again. Let him go, and if he’s meant for you, he will come back. 

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