11 Signs You’re A Best Friend In The Age Of Technology

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1. When you know your best friend is having a hard time emotionally or will be having a rough night out, you leave your phone volume turned fully up while you sleep so you do not miss their call. This ensures that you will be able to wake up at 4AM and listen to them vent.

2. You like every single one of their instagrams and pictures/statuses on facebook. This may be annoying as all hell but support comes in many forms and in the 21st century, this is what it looks like.

3. They are in your top friends on snapchat and your conversations consist of heinous triple-chin-selfies that you would never show anyone else, but in best friendship, nothing says love like look at my ugly.

4. You have their blog bookmarked and even though no one else reads it you make sure you do and you make sure they know you do by telling them how great it is. Their blog could be the best or worst thing in the world, but you know they’d do the same for you (they do, you have a blog about cats and cupcakes and the two subscribers are them and your mother).

5. You have an entire album on your phone of seriously hilarious and incriminating photos of them. Some you took, some they sent you, they are all equally terrifying. You keep them around for a laugh, but would never dare post them to any form of social media as you believe in your best friend’s career and would not want to ruin that for them.

6. You send them a text wishing them good luck (or good riddance once it’s over) for all the things happening in their lives like exams, interviews, blind dates, etc.

7. You skype or facetime constantly even when you live nearby and see them regularly.

8. You have several conversations going on at once across multiple forms of social media. For example, you’re texting, sending links via facebook chat, and also snap chatting back and forth all at this moment.

9. You have all of their important phone numbers programmed into your phone in case their phone dies while y’all are together. This list includes their parents, siblings, childhood best friends, and current love interest(s).

10. You text with their mom sometimes. Especially around your besties birthday to plan something special. Or just any other time of the year because you love their mom.

11. You’ve learned to interpret their emoji use enough that you know exactly what type of sad face means enough of this technology crap, get your ass to my bed right now and bring the ice cream! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – 2 Broke Girls

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