A Thank You Letter For My Parents

Thank you for all the times you held my hand, and my heart, and everything in between. For loving me, when no part of me wanted to, and when no part of me was able to. For seeing right through my soul, when I had no ability to do so. For listening to my heart, for comforting it, never letting it believe it was alone.

Thank you for the invaluable advice. For accepting me, as I am, and loving every part of me. For respecting my space, all the times I could not open my heart to you. For being my voice, all the days I was unable to speak. For laughing with me through my joy. For crying with me through my pain.

Thank you for healing me each and every time. For taking my sadness, and making it your own. For easing each and every burden. For sharing my tears with me.

Thank you for navigating both the heaviness and beauty of the world with me. For believing in me. For providing me with all I ever needed, and so much more than that. For helping me live my dreams out in the world, even if it hurt you to have me so far away.

Thank you for nourishing my soul with your words. For never giving up on me. Even when it seemed that the rest of the world did. For telling me I am beautiful, all the times I believed I was not. For all the words of encouragement. For being the absolute rock that you are.

Thank you for your humor. For your beautiful way of living life. For having the absolute kindest heart. For teaching me what being a good person truly means.

Thank you for all the tough love. For helping me make some of the best decisions of my life. For opening my eyes. For helping me push away anything toxic in my life. For leading me to understand what I truly deserve. I am forever grateful.

Thank you for existing, and for being in the world.

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love truly means.

Thank you for being my mother.

Thank you for being my father.

Soul full of heart

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