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This Is What Happens When The Right One Comes Along

The right one will make you feel loved in every way.

When the right one comes along, you won’t feel the need to carry the relationship and do all the work by yourself. You won’t have to put too much effort into keeping your person. You won’t feel the need to say yes all the time if you actually mean no. You won’t have to agree with everything. The right one will sometimes disagree with you but will always meet you halfway. The right one will make compromises, and so will you. 

When the right one comes along, you won’t be spending your energy worrying about them when they’re not around. You will feel secure that they’re not doing anything cheeky behind your back. You won’t have to overthink things and worry about whether you’re doing something that would make them run away and lose interest in you. The right one will give you the feeling of having a safe space where you can voice anything without being judged and left for it.

When the right one comes along, you won’t feel suffocated. You have the trust needed in a relationship to make it work. You can do the things you want as an individual. You can work on your project or business. You can focus on doing YOU without feeling guilty about it. Because the right one is going to be very supportive of you, and you of them. The right one will encourage a space to grow, and so will you. 

When the right one comes along, you’ll feel inspired, and challenges will seem easy. Simply because they push you to become a better person than you already are. They wish the best for you and you to them. You help each other in every aspect of life. You go through things together and grow together in a mature relationship where you both challenge each other to do well in life. You won’t have to walk alone—the right one will be there through your ups and downs. Failures and successes. Pain and happiness. 

When the right one comes along, you won’t have to wonder whether they will stay. You will feel confident that they will, simply because the love and security has continued to grow since day one, and it never stops. Even when you’re fighting. Even when you’re having a bad day. It’s the constant thing you both have; it’s that one thing you can hold on to as a rock when everything else seems to break and fall apart. The right one will fight and stay through it all. 

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