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This Is What Adulting Really Means

Adulting is letting yourself cry for two minutes and getting back to the things you need to do and accomplish. It’s letting yourself breathe for a while because sometimes you feel overwhelmed by a lot of things in your life — career, relationships, things that frustrate you, childhood traumas, etc. It’s learning how to deal with all of them, how to handle things without breaking down every time something unexpected comes up. It’s learning how to be strong on your own.

Adulting is missing out on some events because you’ve got to prioritize some other things. It’s about setting your mind on reaching certain goals for your future, which requires you not always being present in some important events with your friends or sometimes even your family. It’s missing out on parties and saying no to going out all the time so you can focus on better things. It’s staying on your path to building your future.

Adulting is learning how to survive on your own. It’s about you being stormed in life but learning how to dance on its rhythm. It’s about you being hurt but learning how to find healing. It’s about you losing motivation at some point but learning how to cope and get back on your feet. It’s about you acquiring all those lessons along the way. It’s you coming across certain individuals but learning how to let them go simply because they are not meant to stay. It’s you being patient about yourself and the person you are meant to be with.

Adulting is knowing how to figure out your purpose in life. It’s you trying out different things and sticking to the one that actually makes you feel fulfilled. It’s you not minding other people’s opinion on what you should be because you understand that you can only choose what’s best for you. You know yourself more than anyone does. It’s you having a strong conviction on working to be the person you want to be—the person that you will be proud of. Your best self.

Adulting simply means growing. It means being the wise, honest, and strong version of you. It’s you making your own decisions, and shaping your own destiny. It’s doing little things every single day that build an image of who you are becoming.

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