Let Go And Let God Take Control

We all go through tough situations. It’s a given. Our world isn’t perfect and there will always be conflicts and struggles as we go through life.

There’s a lot of problems floating around us. Some of us lose our jobs, some have our hearts broken, some of us may feel stuck in our routine and feel stagnant, and so on. Life comes with storms.

But here’s what I want you to know.

Losing that job might seem as if the door was shut right in your face, but remember, when God closes a door, it’s because He is opening another one. A bigger opportunity. A greater blessing that will give you the best outcome.

Losing that relationship might have left you shattered, but I hope you don’t blame God for taking it away from you. He takes things away not to punish you. Sometimes it could simply be a protection. Perhaps it would have harmed you in the end. Or sometimes, it could simply mean He wants to give you bigger things. So don’t settle for less, and remember, if you trust Him, He won’t let you down.

Losing that motivation and feeling stuck in life might just mean you gotta go back to where you started. You’ve come a long way, and I hope you gain back your strength and inspiration in doing what you do, especially if that is your passion. It was placed in your heart so that it would prosper. So pray about it, because God sees your desires as well as your struggles.

You will have your own success. You’ll have your own wins; you’ll have it all. But you have to let go of the things that keep you from receiving all these blessings. You have to release that negativity in your life. You have to heal. You have to stop entertaining things and people that don’t serve your purpose.

Because the reality is, the longer we hold on to the things that are not meant for us, the longer we will suffer. The longer we try to force things, the deeper they will hurt us. But the moment we let go and we let God take control, the easier life will be.

So if you ever get stuck in a negative situation, I hope you find your way to see things in a different light. I hope you realize that everything will fall into its right place, because it is God that’s working things out for you.

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