Read This If You're 25 And Still Single

Read This If You’re 25 And Still Single

25 and still single? Yes. Because nothing is ever wrong with that. Society just makes you think otherwise.

25 and still single? Yes. Because settling for some random person isn’t an option. Being in a relationship is making sure you’re genuinely happy to be in one.

25 and still single? Yes. Because waiting for the right time and the right person is important. Taking your time to get to know each other is important.

25 and still single? Yes. Because that’s better than forcing yourself to have someone in your life and be unhappy with them for the sake of not being alone.

25 and still single? Yes. Because you don’t lower your standards even when you feel desperate to have someone. And the truth is, not everyone you meet, you connect with. It’s important to be with someone who makes you feel like home.

25 and still single? Yes. Because you’re smart enough to choose to wait until you meet someone who brings out the best in you. Someone who inspires you and pushes you to become a better person each day. Someone who works alongside you, fights with you through the rough patches. Someone who dances with you in the rain. Someone who chooses to stay no matter the weather.

25 and still single? Yes. Because you’ve had your heart broken into pieces and now you’re cautious and wise about who to trust. You’re slowly learning who to open your heart to. The person who cares, the person who makes every effort to show you he’s different than all the other ones who mistreated you.

25 and still single? Yes. Because a relationship doesn’t define you. And chasing after it will only get you to feel unworthy, unloved, and unvalued.

Chase your dreams and aspirations instead. They will lead you somewhere you actually belong.

Remember, you’re still young.



Reaching goals.

And chasing dreams.

Life is not a race. And love will get to you when the time is right. When you’re ready. When you’ve learned how to be completely happy on your own.

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