Self-Love Looks Great On You

What is self-love?

We get so confused in the whole dynamic of this word.

Some of us have been trying to build it for ourselves. How long has it been? A month of trying, figuring out how to do it? A year, or maybe even more. But along the way, some of us get lost and couldn’t seem to find ways to love ourselves properly.

Sometimes it’s not just doing it, but understanding what it is and why you have to do it.

Self-love is addressing your own issues. Your insecurities. Your flaws. And facing them. Bravely.

Self-love is about you doing things for the purpose of your own good. Not of other people.

Self-love is not you trying to push yourself to become better so that people will love you.

Self-love is not letting other people’s perspective of you control the way you act.

Self-love is getting out of a toxic job no matter how much money you’re earning from it, because money isn’t everything and you have to be happy where you’re at.

Self-love is freeing yourself from a toxic relationship and letting go of people that aren’t good for our mental and emotional being.

Self-love is taking care of your body, being into fitness, eating the right food not because you want to show off your abs. No. It’s because you are responsible of taking care of your body. Abs and big butts are just bonuses.

Self-love is saying NO when you don’t feel like saying yes.

Self-love is being totally happy on the weekends without dates. Just you, doing your own thing. Spending time with your family and friends. Running errands like an adult. Or buying new bed sheets from Ikea and redecorating your place.

Self-love perhaps is about you building your own empire. Creating something that you can call your own. It’s about minding yourself. Looking after your own being. Reaching goals and not letting anyone stand in the middle of them. It’s about you finding happiness within yourself.

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