An Open Letter To My Daughter About The New York Terrorist Attack

New York City from afar
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Dear Madison,

I write this letter as I make my way home from work after receiving news of yet another small Terrorist attack in New York City. I was initially rushing home, since it is Halloween, to go trick-or-treating in the Upper West Side like we normally do. But times are changing, Madie; the average person who works in an office setting now goes to work fearing of what might happen. When I was a child, only firemen or police officers worried about being unsafe at work. Now we work in offices who are constantly training us on what to do in case of a terrorist attack.

I look around and see calm faces laughing, probably making their way to happy hour after work. People have become immune to it, Madison. I feel like a lot of people worry more about what an inconvenience this might be for their commute. Or some still have no idea what happened. And then there are those who are extremely concerned about what happened today but by tomorrow, there will be another tragedy already taking over their mind. I won’t lie, a lot of times I am also that person.

I constantly struggle trying to figure out how can we make a change. But it seems like even if we post awareness over social media, march, or protest, nothing changes. I am starting to think that maybe that wise man we know is right. Maybe we are heading towards a big change with our race and generation. History shows us all great civilizations have a great downfall. Is that where we are heading? I really don’t know. But if we are, can we even stop it?

Madie, you are only in first grade. You don’t understand what is really going on around the world. You don’t understand my fears yet. My fears as a New Yorker, yes, but most importantly, my fears as a mom. The fear of not knowing what the future holds for us as humans or what it holds for you, my beautiful, smart little girl. But for now, I will continue to contribute to society by raising you to be a kind, caring, smart, independent woman — someone who can influence people just by being who you are.

I love you baby. And whatever comes our way, do not worry; I will be right beside you.

Love Always,

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