What Love Isn’t


Playing with fire to fill the emptiness for a little while doesn’t feel good anymore. You’ve hit a wall because you should know better. You do know better.

Love is not inebriated embraces and sloppy French kisses.

Love is not in substance induced words of affection.

Love is not a call past midnight with an invitation to take each other’s clothes off.

Love is not about knowing where his body parts are, but not where his heart or mind is currently at.

Love is not forced connections and faked orgasms.

Love is not an 8-hour sleepover and a “See you around” the following morning.

Love is not pretending you are ok with this arrangement.

Love is not the uncertainty of whether a text message will go unanswered.

Love is not deciphering what he really means.

Love is not in empty conversations in hopes to find something in common.

Love is not about who cares less.

Love is not supposed to hurt.

Love is knowing you are worth it and respecting yourself enough to walk away. Love is your friend who listens to you drone and cry over the one she had originally warned you about. It is the occasional phone call from someone you miss dearly. Love is in your mom and dad who still worry about you, though you keep assuring them you are doing well. Love is what inspires your hopes and dreams. Love is in the superior force that carries you through. Love is what keeps you believing.

Love lives inside of you. TC Mark

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