19 Life Lessons I Learned In 2019

It has been undoubtedly a long, difficult year. 2019 was definitely a roller coaster ride; countless ups and downs, unexpected bumps and turns in ways you could have imagined. As for the start of the year, you were hopeful that it would be the year when everything would fall into place, and it would be perfect and right. But it was not the year you expected at all, it was just another version of the years before.

However, as the year is coming to an end, you realized despite everything that happened, it all taught us significant life lessons that forever we would carry with us no matter the path in life we would take. In the course of 12 months, life has been unpredictable. But that is how life really works, life is just full of surprises. And these lessons are part of its package:

1. You can give up something you love not because you don’t love it anymore, but because you know it’s no longer good for you.

2. You can’t ask for forgiveness over the same reason.

3. You can forgive someone but not want them back in your life.

4. It is not, and will never be your job to fix other people.

5. There are people out there who truly and deeply care about you. You think you don’t have anyone because you’re only thinking about the wrong people.

6. When you find someone you deeply connect with, keep them.

7. Don’t worry about the future. Let the universe work its magic, and let things flow naturally. Eventually, everything will fall into place.

8. Wherever life takes you, what’s meant to be yours will come to you.

9. Trauma is not your fault, but healing is your responsibility.

10. No matter how much pain the world gives you, never give the pain back to anyone.

11. You won’t grow and things won’t change until you make the effort to do so.

12. Don’t allow yourself to be treated poorly just because you love them.

13. Have enough respect and courage for yourself to walk away from people who exhibit absence and continuously neglect you.

14. When you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.

15. But if you feel it’s one-sided, you’re the only one putting effort in keeping the flame burning, thus, hurting you, walk away.

16. Don’t settle for less.

17. Because there are people out there you haven’t met yet who will love you.

18. Nothing will be the same in a year.

19. You never know what the future holds, so live a life you will remember.

If it were not for the heartbreaks, failures, and other difficulties you have experienced, you would not have been the person you are right now. So, even though the pain and grief it brought were unbearable and unimaginable, believe it or not, it helped you grow into the person you are destined to become. No matter how big or small the changes were, the only thing that mattered was the effort you have put in healing and improving yourself. 2019 was definitely a hell of a ride, but it was the ride that helped you get on your next journey; the journey you are ready to go for, and onto the path filled with the love, joy, and peace you have been waiting for.

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