Melania Trump Is Finally Moving To The White House

Although her husband moved to Washington D.C. six months ago, Melania Trump is just now headed to the nation’s capital. Mrs. Trump has previously said that she remained in New York for the beginning of her husband’s presidency so that their son, Barron Trump, could finish the school year. Now, with the semester over, Barron and Melania and moving into the White House.

When it was announced that Melania & Barron would stay in New York for the first six months of Trump’s presidency, some people were pissed. New York City’s police commissioner said it costs between $127,000 and $146,000 per day for the New York Police Department to protect Melania & Barron. Security for Melania & Barron for the past six months has cost New York City somewhere around $20 million. There was even a petition signed by 210,000 people calling for Melania Trump to either move to the White House or pay the security costs associated with living in Trump Tower in New York.

In a tweet this morning, the First Lady said she’s looking forward to making memories in her new home as the internet continues laughing at that time she slapped Trump’s hand away when he tried to hold hers. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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