Donald Trump Defends Himself (On Twitter, Of Course)

Yesterday, ex-FBI director James Comey testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee and dealt Donald Trump some of the worst moments of his Presidency. Among other stinging moments, Comey said Trump’s administration lied to the American people, challenged Trump to show the damn receipts already and said that he was fired because Trump didn’t like the way the Russia investigation was going. Ouch.

Somehow (we’re not saying physical effort was involved, but we’re also not saying it wasn’t) Trump refrained from tweeting through Comey’s testimony but, predictably, he couldn’t keep his hands off Twitter for long.

This morning, he tried to clap back at Comey.

He then thanked Fox News for their coverage of the testimony…

Twitter users responded with their own clap backs, inviting Trump to testify under oath if he’s so sure that Comey is lying.

Trump is accusing Comey of lying under oath also known as perjury, which is a felony offense.

Since Trump had an entire day to think of what he could say about Comey’s testimony, we’re a little disappointed it ended up being this weak. Better luck next time, DJT. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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