10 Uncomfortable Signs You’re An Introvert

Ryan Hollaway

1. You carry headphones and/or a book everywhere you go.

In public situations, you like to bring headphones and/or a book with you so people don’t try to engage in conversation with you. You just wanna chill during your flight, not talk to your seat mate about their hopes and dreams.

2. You don’t answer texts right away (or sometimes at all).

Honestly, getting too many texts makes you feel anxious. You don’t want to be in constant contact with people. Sometimes you put off replying for so long that it just gets awkward so you don’t reply at all. Oops.

3. You leave parties early.

There’s only so much small talk with drunken strangers that you can handle in one night. You’d rather hang out with your friends at your local bar then go to a party where you have to meet new people.

4. You have to recharge after socializing.

You like being social but it also zaps your energy reserves and you really need a break afterwards. Your friends like to hang out 24/7 but you need at least half the day to kick it by yourself.

5. You overanalyze constantly.

Since you spend a lot of time alone and in our own heads, you spend a lot of time overanalyzing situations.

6. After a full day of school and work, you really don’t want to go to happy hour.

You spent all day talking to people at school and work! You haven’t had any alone time in 12 hours! So, that’s a no to happy hour. Maybe on your off day.

7. You don’t like to tell people about your emotions.

It just doesn’t strike you to tell people about your emotions. You’re a pretty private person, so the only people who know that sort of stuff about you are your closest friends.

8. You’ve had the same best friend for a long time.

Since you’re not super into socializing with new people, you tend to find your group and stick to it.

9. You actually like being alone.

To you, being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. It means you get to spend some quiet time reading a book or watching Netflix. You need that time to chill.

10. People constantly think you’re mean.

Since you’re not extroverted and don’t usually make conversation with strangers, people can sometimes think you’re mean but you’re not. You’re just not into small talk. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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