So The Boy Is Sad But This Isn’t Your Fault

Lulu Lovering
Lulu Lovering

so the boy is sad but this isn’t your fault.
in your truest mind- the one that knows
which way is east because that’s the way home is-
you know that this isn’t your fault but you still don’t know
what to do with his gorgeous dripping eyes. the boy is sad
and no one else is sitting at the table so what are you to do?
whatever it is, don’t reach your hands across, whatever it is,
don’t open your mouth. the boy is sad but you have enough
shit in your hands and something has already fallen to the ground.
something is already threatening to break. so the boy’s hands are shaking but they aren’t yours to steady. your leaking heart bursts at the sight of it and still, you keep your hands folded. you lay them in your lap. you turn towards the window and remember there is light outside of this disgusting human mess. the boy is sad. so what? so are you and no one is leaning towards it- only away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Fortesa Latifi is a 24-year-old writer and graduate student.

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