This Is How You Make Me Feel

The feeling you get before, during, and after the rain?
That’s how you make me feel.

You make me feel anxious;
Like how I feel while looking up to find the sky dark and cloudy,
Immediately knowing that it might rain—
Instantly worrying over something that still hasn’t happened yet.

You make me wonder;
Like when it’s already raining, and I am sure that I’m not going to get wet.
So I stay still and wait as I watch the rain in fascination
And think about my life,
As I wait for it to stop.

And then you make me feel relieved and nostalgic;
Like how I feel when the rain finally stops, knowing that I can finally go out.
But when I do and get to fill my lungs with the smell it leaves,
I start missing it—
The sound it makes and the stillness it gives to the surroundings,
As if everything was in a pause.

You mess up my thoughts and emotions.
You are the sole reason why I write these words.
You are what you are to other people, but to me
You are something else entirely—
Something you haven’t heard,
Something you probably don’t even want to hear.
But the damage has been done, as they say,
I now have a reason to dream
And an excuse to feel poetic.
And that’s how you make me feel. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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