Everything You Need To Know About How Turn On An INFJ

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INFJs are…

  • drawn to intelligence and they want their partners to favor intelligence as well
  • extremely attracted to someone with an intricate and thoughtful mind
  • peaked by the combination of intelligence + a great sense of humor because
  • it keeps relationships interesting, lively and timeless
  • extremely turned on by someone who is witty, well-spoken and somewhat geeky
  • observant of physical traits; however, are often more drawn to the internal aspects of a person
  • impressed by anyone who can respond well to and keep up with their banter and wit — respectively, very turned on by someone who knows how to make them laugh and impress them with their rhetoric (AKA being kept on their toes)


INFJs are attracted to…

  • a kind-looking face with a bit of chill demeanor to it (e.g. some natural ruggedness or bareface/natural beauty)
  • someone who expresses equal love for others/nature + open-mindedness
  • someone who isn’t rude, big-headed, or seeks to put others down for superficial reasons
  • someone who helps others without it being known, asked or publicized to help others
  • kindness that doesn’t equate to weakness
  • treating others how they would like to be treated
  • a humanitarian outlook

Certain Kind of Eye Contact

INFJs weaknesses include…

  • not lustful, but intriguing looks—as if the person is seeing something more in you that they desire but consciously aren’t letting their face or bodily actions express it
  • the occasionally locked eyes from someone gets the INFJ’s attention but might throw them off their game if the timing is right (which INFJ will secretly enjoy because they often times feel like very few people can get them off their game/surprise them)
  • contemplative but warm eyes
  • being able to naturally communicate with eyes (e.g. the glances that say enough)

Quiet Confidence

INFJs gets interested in…

  • someone who presents “I’m capable of being on my own, and I’m not likely to back down” + respects themselves
  • a certain amount of confidence, a mischievous twinkle in the eye or a saucy smile (AKA a bit of “trouble” without actually being distressing) + playful teasing
  • someone who is comfortable enough to be independent without flaunting it — always walking to the beat of their own drum
  • someone who has the courage to be their honest, true self and expresses willingness to keep growing as a person Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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