What Comes From Knowing You’ll Never Be The Perfect Girl

Every so often you come across someone who seems to have it all. This might be an issue among guys too, but I know that amongst girls this is much too common. There’s always that girl that’s more gorgeous, richer, smarter, cooler, and has the guy you’ve been crushing on in the palm of their hand. These girls always seem untouchable.

They’re the popular ones, the ones that never had an awkward phase, the ones who you wished you were like in high school and even college.

On the outside, they seem like they have it all. They’re perfect. They don’t seem to have a single flaw to them and hearing about their good fortune makes you want to throw up. I know the feeling all too well because I’m jealous of these types of girls too.

I’ve never been one, and there was a time when I so desperately wished I could be like them. Hell, on my worst days I still wish I could be like them. But sometimes what you see on the outside isn’t always a reflection of what you get on the inside, as you probably know all too well. On paper they may seem like they have their lives together, but often they’re just as scared as we are.

They feel like they’re not good enough, not pretty enough, and we place them on too high a pedestal to see that for ourselves. Sure, they look like they have everything that we’ve ever wanted and we say, how can someone be upset when they possess all these enviable qualities? Everyone has their insecurities, even if they’re not visible to us. Do you divulge every single piece of personal information about yourself to every single person you meet? No, and neither do they.

I don’t know, some of them may be extremely happy and fulfilled with their lives, but some of them may be just like you and me, and others may even be deeply depressed. The reality is, we all just want the same thing. We just want to be loved and accepted for who we are, and we want people to pay attention to us.

The truth is, happiness comes from the inside. It comes from knowing that you should be valued as a woman, and as a human being. People can make us happy, but long-term happiness doesn’t come from others. It doesn’t come from knowing that every time you look in the mirror you see a pretty face looking back at you, from never having to worry about spending money, from getting straight As or from being the most popular girl in school.

It comes from within. It comes from sitting down and telling yourself that you’re worth it and you’re an amazing human being, no matter what anyone else thinks, ever.

The message that I want to send is, when you happen to encounter these “perfect” girls, don’t think any less of yourself just because you’re not one of them. You may be going through struggles with your appearance, your weight, your finances, your friendships, and your mental health, but in the end, you’re most likely going to come out on top.

You don’t know how special you are, how loved you are, and how deserving of good things you are. Our struggles shape who we are. Those of us who are far from perfect have to fight to reach the top. Be positive that you can turn your life around, and be even better than you ever imagined. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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