The Top 10 Signs You’re An ‘Ocean Addict’

Mathias Apitz (München)

Have you always been the girl / guy laughed at for suggesting a trip to the beach whenever someone asks, “hey let’s go on a trip!!?” Then this post is almost about you 

“Limitless and immortal, the waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth” – Heinrich Zimmer

What is it about these endless blue waters that attract you so much? I mean it just stretches and stretches of water which has been covering earth’s surface for a really long time. Sure it’s home to marine life, a source of food / income for many and sometimes the origin of despair! But why the attraction? If you truly love the ocean you know the answer because the ocean just draws you in leaving you elated each visit.

1. You always think of the Ocean as a thing of beauty with a hint of chaos! After all, for something good to exist, there must be an equal amount of something bad. You know, the whole “Ying-Yang” story. No matter how many times disaster strikes you can never get tired of the ocean.

2. Spent a tiring day at work – a trip to the beach can work wonders! Need to make a life altering decision- you head out to the beach- keep staring at the ocean *thinking*, *listening* to the sound of the waves crashing in and by the time you finally decide to leave, you almost always leave with a solution. Simply need some time for yourself? A trip to the beach can just be the trick. Because it brings you a sense of calmness no other place or person can.

“To me, the sea is like a person- someone I’ve known a long time. I never feel alone when I’m out there.”

3. Your social media accounts especially, Instagram Feed is flooded with pictures of the ocean. And you are almost always friends with at LEAST ONE person who loves the ocean as much as you. And seeing friends posting pictures of the ocean will just make your insides tingle and a tad bit jealous coz’ you missed a chance to be there.

4. Sunsets! Do I need to even get started on the sunsets? They say that no two sunsets are the same, imagine a sunset on the beach… Just perfect!

5. Your bucket list contains destinations like Bali, Maldives, Croatia, Fiji because well, even if you are born on a tropical island- there are more breathtaking oceans to explore in the world. One must visit top beachside destinations at least once!

6. Step out on the sun on a normal sunny day- You go on endless rants on how you got sun-burnt to anyone who will stop and listen to you. Step out in the blazing sun to spend a day or an entire week at the beach getting tanned or getting three shades darker- you’ll probably talk about how amazing your trip was and how you don’t care about your complexion.

7. Wallpaper of your PC/Laptop/Mobile will definitely be a picture of the beach- a dream getaway! Just look at this stunning sunset and the colours reflecting on the ocean.

8. Almost 9/10 times you will be with a partner who loves the beach as much as you. Romantic beach walks are a sign of a blissful life. Best case scenario he/she will own a beach house *score!!!* worst case scenario he/she will live somewhere close to the beach or head to the beach with you every week [when I say worst, it’s really not the worst- but of course if your significant other owns a beach house- he/she will definitely get extra points!]

9. If your friends stood you up on a regular outing- you will get over it and be okay in a matter of hours. Ditch you on a beach trip you planned for so long – to head out into the ocean in your swimsuit- you go guns blazing & become instantly murderous >_<

You wholeheartedly believe that the best feeling in the world is to be near the ocean! And when you say near the ocean, it means touching the waves-near (nothing is more irritating than someone who says “I love the ocean, but I don’t want to get my feet wet” SERIOUSLY!?!)

Know that once an addict you will always be an addict- there’s no stepping back, there is absolutely NO way to recover! To all the ocean addicts out there- You truly are GREAT souls almost as deep and beautiful as the OCEAN. 

“Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after footprints in the sand are gone” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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