Advertising Is Innovation

Advertising is a big part of our world today! Its literally everywhere, no matter where you look there is some form of advertisement. Product makers want their logo and there “brand” to be everywhere and to be recognizable by every type of culture. It’s on your clothes, your electronics, your shoes, and most likely anything in your house. It’s crazy to think that companies now are advertising right there inside your home! The question is what does this all mean in the year 2014? Well the truth is right now it means absolutely nothing, because we are all so used to the same boring advertisement.

Why does it mean nothing? Well take a look at a person wearing a Nike shirt, how do you feel? Intrigued? Amazed? Interested? No, you most likely don’t feel anything and think it’s just the norm. The same thing happened with an iPhone. At first the iPhone was one of the hottest electronics to hit the market. It was so because it was new, different, bold, and very well made. The iPhone got people excited! It got people talking! It changed the game in how we know phones forever! Advertisement needs a game changer.

Now why can’t we do that for advertisement? The answer is we totally can, and we do! Companies go through phases and waves of how they advertise their product. There has been so many different ways companies try and advertise their product, companies always try and push the envelope all the time to not only gain the interest of their customers but also to get them to buy.

image - Flickr / rooneg
image – Flickr / rooneg

Let’s take a quick look at century old saying, sex sells. This has been a long standing saying in the world of advertisement as a foolproof way of selling something. No matter what the product is, if there is something visually sexually appealing it is sure to get attention. Aren’t we used to that now? When I look at the TV I expect some model walking down half naked and having a new Samsung phone in her hand. The problem is when I expect something I don’t pay attention to it.

Social media has given us the outlet for a different type of advertisement, viral videos. Viral videos have been the latest crazy for the last few years. This is one of the best ways of getting a wide variety highly interested in the video and the product that is shown. It also gets people to repost this video and help advertise for you. Gaining the attention of millions of people with free clicks from people’s social media webpage. Although such videos are hard to do and sometimes very unpredictable, certain companies and people make a very good living off doing these type of videos.

Although viral video marketing will one day come to an end, because we will see it all. Something else will have to come by and spark the attention of millions of views worldwide. What will it be? We as advertisers have to be always willing to push the envelope, we need to be willing to go far and make a mistake. We need to be able to sit down every down and think how we can ethically captivate an audience to take a look at what we are selling.

Advertisement is innovation and the next person to come up with an way to move an audience in a way that has not yet been done will be able to change the world of advertising yet again and challenge the thinking we know today.

This is something that is just expected, and when something is expected it is the norm. The norm is another term for stagnation, when we stagnate we don’t progress. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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image – Flickr / Hugo90

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