I Hope You Find The One Who Completes You

Brigitte Tohm / Unsplash

We’ve crossed the invisible line, and there’s no going back.
And I have no doubts on the fact that there isn’t any going forward either.
The years we’ve had. Whatever the hell it was. Whatever we were or weren’t to each other,
Has been a whole lot of something, and well, I need to say goodbye.

It’s been a pleasure.

I’ll always cheer you on, but I just won’t be there for you to see me do it.

And because I won’t be around to say it,

I hope you find her.
The one who’d dare disagree and argue with you.
The one who will call you out on your bullshit when she needs to.

I hope you find her.
The girl whose beauty attracts you, but her heart captivates you.
And where her intelligence astounds you.

I hope you find her.
The person who’d make you change to be a better version of yourself,
Someone who’d make you want to be better, just by being her.

I hope you find her.
The girl that will always be proud of you, for choosing you.
Who’d unapologetically love you, to the point where you wouldn’t know what it’d be like,
To be without her.

I hope you find her.
The woman who has passions you understand and can relate to,
The one who excites you, and stimulates you.

I hope you find her.
The very partner you need, to keep you going.
The one that keeps you happy.
The one that is constant.

And I hope you remember,
That when you choose.
You’d decide with your heart, and not your little head.

Blonde hair, blue eyed, black haired or brown, I hope you remember that she’s more than her size, and that you see beyond what she looks like.

I hope you find her.
The partner to your travels,
And the mother to your children.

I hope you find her.
At 30 or 50, it doesn’t matter.
But I hope you don’t ever settle, until you’ve found her.

And when you do,
I hope you won’t be playing games.
That you know she’s more than just another hole to plow.
More than just a fun time.
She deserves better. She is better.

I hope you’d find someone who’d make you realize that.
And I hope you don’t lose her in the process of realizing it.

I’ve wanted to do this for a while now,
And this is certainly the most perfect of times.

As crazy as this all sounds to a person who’s never known otherwise – sometimes people make the biggest mistake of falling – even when they know that it was never part of the equation, not at all in the agreement.

Before it becomes far harder than it already is for me,
Thank you for the memories. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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