Make Me Your First Choice

Nathan Walker
Nathan Walker

When things get hard
and people get involved.
Think of me in the darkest times
And say “She’s worth it”.

Make me your first choice
At times of joy.
Let it be me
The first to see your bright smile,
The one you hug and
Share with.

Choose me to call at 2am

Let me be the one to invade your thoughts,
To know your soul,
Your fears and dreams,
Let it be me.

Let it be me,
When you need someone to hold,
When you need someone to keep you in one piece,
I’ll be by your side

When you feel like giving up,
Self-doubt filling your mind,
I’ll be the one to calm the storms
In your head.

Make me the first choice and nothing more.
I’ve been hurt before.
Don’t make me doubt myself,
Because I’ll bite my nails and pull my hair.

Make me the first choice
Cause I’ve never been before.
Love me and take me with everything I am
Insecurities and fears that creep to me some days.

I need it.
Let it be me.
Make me the first choice. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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