To The Girl Who Thinks She’s Worthless

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To The Girl Who Thinks She’s Worthless,

You’re not.

And I know you have trouble believing that, because you think people are being nice when they assure you that you aren’t. Here’s what you actually are.

You’re talented.

Never have I ever met someone with so much talent. You create things I can only imagine and somehow, you’re also able to create things that I can’t even imagine. Your mind is on the highest tier of creativity. You’re so brilliant, your mind is so beautiful. It shines like the sparkle in your greenish eyes when you look at a new piece of art for the first time.

You’re brave.

Like a modern nomad you go from here to there. You wake up on trains, with a heart full of excitement to see your new destination. You’re an urban gypsy. Always willing to go places alone, because you don’t need anyone to come with you. You can fend for yourself, like the lioness that you are. You have a good time just with you. If you meet cool people along the way, that’s just the cherry on top. You never let fear come in the way of what you want. You’re an adventurer by nature. You were born with your passport in your hand. Ready to see the world whenever the opportunity comes, while the rest of us just daydream about how nice it would be to get away sometime.

You’re beautiful.

You’re used to your features and that’s why you can’t see any beauty in them anymore, but when I see them, I see all the world’s beauty incapsulated in one person. Your face, bright like a sunny, summer day. Your smile, radiant like the full moon. Your eyes are like seafoam, they’re so refreshing to look into. Two arms to hug, a voice to make others laugh, legs to carry you to new places. You’re perfect in every way because you’re you.

You’re kind.

You never think twice before lending a helping hand. You never leave those whom you love alone. You check in. You make sure everyone is okay. Your kindness is unmeasurable. You give it to those who need it most, but you also give it to those who don’t deserve it. Not to teach a lesson, but simply because your nature forces you to. You want to know people’s stories. You want to know who they truly are. You listen to understand. You listen to connect. You dream of a smaller earth, so that you could easily go from place to place and be there for the many friends you have scattered about the world.

You’re relentless.

You’ve gotten your heart broken. You’ve lost friends and family. You lost control over your body the one time a disease tried to rob you of your joy, but you’re still standing. You’re still going strong and even on your weakest day, you still get up. You still move along.

So, now that you’ve read this, don’t you dare feel worthless. Don’t you dare, for a second, think that you’re not enough. Don’t feel untalented or like a coward. Don’t feel ugly and never think you’re not a good enough person. You’re turning into a diamond and all these years of pressure are just helping you reach your destiny, sweet girl. You’re almost there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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