5 Things To Know Before Dating The Girl Who’s Best Friends With Her Mom

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I know what you’re thinking and you’re right. Why would you want to date some lame chick who’s best friends with her mom? The thing is that not all moms are lame. The general consensus for people our age is that moms can be a little annoying and borderline overbearing. Moms are weird and there’s no denying that. They’re into stuff like disco and they wear strange clothes and stink of musk, but if a girl is bests friends with her mom, her mom is probably amazing. Musky scented and all. Never judge a girl and her mother’s closeness without understanding these five things first.

1. Her mom’s opinion of you will always matter.

A girl who’s best friends with her mom will seek her mom’s approval. She will ask what her opinion of you is and if mama doesn’t like you, you’ll be heading back to Singletown as quickly as you came. The closeness between these two women is the stronger than your relationship will ever be, because a mother-daughter relationship is a forever-type relationship. They will never stop loving each other and there’s nothing that can be done to break their bond. Remember that if they’re best friends, she won’t want her daughter dating a loser. Whatever you do, don’t be a scrub. Do your best to impress her mother because what she thinks of you will always matter.

2. Her Mom will always be aware of what’s going on in your relationship (the good and the bad).

If this girl is best friends with her mom, you can rest assured that she will know all the wonderful things you do to make her feel loved. Let’s not forget, however, that mom will also know about all the crappy things you’ve done to hurt her feelings. We’re human and relationships among humans are always complicated. It’s a certainty that you’ll do and say things to hurt her at some point, but try your best to be mindful and not do anything to hurt her on purpose. This ties back to the previous point. If mom is hearing more bad than good and is giving her daughter a negative opinion, your relationship with this girl and the chances of it having a future are grim.

3. Mom will always come first.

A mother-daughter best friend combo will actually set time apart to hangout and they’ll do it often. Shocking, I know. The reality is that if your girl is best friends with her mom, their bonding time is sacred. Never, ever complain about her hanging out with her mom too much. It’ll be looked upon as disrespect and you don’t want for your girl to think that you hate her mom or that you feel jealous because she spends time with her. Also, never poke fun at her for wanting to spend time with her mother. Everyone has a different relationship with their mom and if you hate yours, don’t try to convince her to do the same. You’ll never win.

4. If her mom likes you, she’ll treat you like a son/daughter.

A mom that’s best friends with her daughter is always on the lookout for her daughter’s welfare and happiness. If you make her daughter smile from ear to ear, you’re in and you’re not just in, you’re part of the family. This mom will also become your mom and that’s a great thing. One can never have too many older, wiser ladies doing shit for you.

5. Her mom is your best accomplice.

You want to surprise your girl, but you’re unsure of how to really wow her? Ask her mom. Moms aren’t just know-it-alls, they actually do know it all. She’ll know her favorite color, flower, and dress size. Mom knows what her daughter likes, what she hates and if her mom is her best friend, she’ll do anything to help you succeed in your relationship with her daughter. That includes helping you out during special occasions. Take advantage of that and while you’re at it, buy her some flowers as a thank you for helping you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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