20 Generic Latina Girl Names And What They Say About Her Personality

Caroline Veronez
Caroline Veronez

1. Ana

Can make anything from scratch and will judge you for not being able to do the same.

2. Maria

Named after a virgin, but there ain’t nothing immaculate about this biatch.

3. Alejandra

Is a know it all, but only because she’s afraid to admit that she doesn’t know much about anything.

4. Gabriela

Nice, but can be really mean if she hates you.

5. Mariana

Plays soccer better than any guy you know.

6. Paola

There’s two kinds. One is annoying AF, the other is the most selfless person you’ve ever met.

7. Tatiana

Only dates white boys.

8. Isabel

Knows how to dance flamenco, but has never been to Spain.

9. Teresa

Reminds you of a younger version of your Grandma.

10. Claudia

Is a freaking genius.

11. Elena

Plays in a mariachi band with her dad, 7 cousins, 2 uncles, and a dude named Paco.

12. Beatriz

Has a PhD in Spanish and has read Don Quixote 27 times and counting.

13. Daniela

Can seduce anyone. She’s kinda hot.

14. Susana

Says she’s half Portuguese, but is really just full Ecuadorian.

15. Fernanda

Is shy, but once she feels comfortable around you she’ll never, ever shut up. Beware.

16. Paula

Plays the guitar and uploads Shakira covers on youtube.

17. Consuelo

Was almost a nun.

18. Esperanza

Thinks reggeton is poetry.

19. Luz

Hates her name cause Americans never say it right.

20. Marta

Has a fake butt and swears no one can tell. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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