20 Generic Latino Guy Names And What It Says About Their Personality

Alec Moore
Alec Moore

1. Pablo: Plays fútbol and hates it when people call it soccer.

2. José:
The king of Latino fuckboys.

3. Manuel:
Went to Patagonia and will always mention how he went to Patagonia.

4. Luis:
Loves to dance salsa and will be the best dancing partner you’ve ever had.

5. Juan:
Is everything a prince looks and acts like.

6. Rodrigo: The eternal bad boy. Owns a motorcycle, leather jacket, loves Tabasco and winks a lot.

He’s annoying. Never give him your number.

8. Fernando:
Works hard, plays hard.

Carlos: Reads a lot. Can have a conversation with you about anything, has taught himself five languages and how to play the charango.

10. Miguel:
Prefers to date gringuitas.

11. Rafael:
Cooks really well and always smells nice.

The boss. What he says goes.

13. Alejandro:
Is ballin’, but is also kind of cheap and will take you to eat dinner at the taco truck on your first date.

Mario: Kind of quiet, but once he drinks a few beers he won’t  shut up.

Pedro: Wears his “vote for Pedro” shirt often cause he thinks it’s funny. Vote for Pedro…get it? Yes, he says this. Every. Single. Time.

Hector: Owns an auto repair shop and is rich AF.

17. Francisco: Never learned to speak Spanish, but knows all the curse words.

18. Raul: Will make you fall in love with him and will make it really hard to fall out love with him.

19. Gustavo: Writes poetry and will always correct your Spanish pronunciation.

20. Guillermo: Owns 7 Real Madrid jerseys, wears a different one ever day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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