Read This If You’re Worried You’ll Never Get Over Your Heartbreak


Breaking up sucks. I think most of our world population will agree with me on that one. No matter how friendly a break up it is, there will always be emotional baggage tied to it. When you’re broken up with, it’s even worse. You start to doubt whether you’re worthy of love and questioning what it is that you keep doing wrong. You spend so much time and energy trying to forget that person and then after weeks of failed attempts to forget that someone who hurt you, you meet someone new.

You’re not in love with them right off the bat, but you feel an attraction and you realize, after meeting that person, that you haven’t thought about your ex one single time. Hooray!

Forgetting the dingbat that hurt you is possible and though it may not even work out with this new someone, you’re reminded that love doesn’t die. It kind of goes into hiding for a bit when you’re hurt, but it comes back. It’s kind of like when it’s been raining all day and suddenly the sun comes out. While it’s raining, you’re not worried about never seeing the sun again. You know it’ll come out to brighten all the gray at some point. Maybe it’ll rain all week, but at some point it’ll stop.

Falling in love again can be really daunting, but within that fear, you also get healed.

You learn to be enamored again. You learn to accept the good morning texts and being called baby. You are re-trained to accept compliments and receive attention. You re-learn to kiss and be kissed, to touch and be touched. You re-awaken your sleepy heart after a long hibernation.

Smiling returns. Laughing returns. The fuzzy, warm feeling in your belly returns. All of the good feelings come back, as if they’d never disappeared.

They say that feeling pain is good because it lets you know you’re alive, but all these yummy love feelings are good too. They make you feel alive-er. The death of that old love makes way for a new love and you love more sincerely. You’re stronger and more careful. You’re more aware of where you need to improve and more mindful of the things you’re no longer willing to accept.

In the light of a new love, you’re able to see that love truly never fails and that all the pain and suffering will vanish. That new love will make you good as new. So, you out there with a broken heart, remember this: Don’t allow someone to destroy your faith in love, because love is real.

There are people who live happily ever after. There are love stories that come true. I haven’t found my true love yet, but I know I will and so will you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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