This Is The Kind Of Man Your Heart Should Wait For


Chances are, you are wondering where the hell he is or whether or not he would still be able to find you. Trust me when I say that sooner or later, you will stop wondering because sooner or later, you are finally found.

But for now, all you can do is wait. Wait and appreciate the game. Wait until you are finally ready to pour out all the bottled love you had for all these years.

Wait until you realize that being so scared is bullshit.

Wait until waiting becomes more exciting than agonizing.

Wait for the man who makes you yearn for the platonic kind of love. The one that’s not all about sex and lust. The one who respects you and your entirety.

The one who makes loving and being loved even more exhilarating. The one who cherishes your friendship more than anything in the world. The one who offers you love that is untainted and true.

Wait for the man who draws you closer to God. The one who constantly prayed for you. The one who begs God your existence. The one who envisions his lifetime with you and tells God about it.

Wait for the man who makes you feel secured. The one who holds your hand and never lets it go. The one who gives you the most comforting bear hug when you thought the world stood up on you. The one whose shoulders are the safest place you can cry your heart out to. The one whose kiss makes all the worries go down the drain. The one who feels like home. The one who is home.

Wait for the man who assures you. The one who doesn’t make you resort to having second thoughts. The one who doesn’t confuse your feelings. The one who makes your decisions and risks all worth it. The one whom you imagine endless tomorrows with. The one who turns your what ifs into what is. The one who makes you believe that promises aren’t meant to be broken. The one who doesn’t make you hesitate. The one who overpowers your fears because his greatest fear is losing you.

Wait for the man who loves you beyond your imperfections. The one who will love your scars, whether big or small.

The one who will make you feel that it is okay to make mistakes. The one who thinks that you are amazing despite the clumsiness. The one who tolerates your crazy. The one who will make you love yourself even more.

Wait for the man who won’t hurt you intentionally. The one who doesn’t get to wipe your tears because he won’t be the reason for it. The one who hurts even more to see you cry. The one who won’t keep secrets and lies from you. The one who takes good care of the trust you gave.

Wait for the man who doesn’t make you beg for his time and attention. The one who devotes his to you. The one who prioritizes you no matter how busy he is. The one who calls you late at night to know if you’re okay. The one who sends you good morning and good night texts because that’s what he really wanted you to have. The one who doesn’t make you beg because if he really loves you, you wouldn’t have to.

Wait for the man who inspires you to be the best version of you. The one you don’t want to disappoint. The one who makes you want to achieve more in life. The one who makes you want to run that extra mile. The one who challenges you to be better every day. The one who turns your insecurities into strengths.

Wait for the man who exceeds your expectations. The one who is full of surprises. The one who is consistent since day one.

The one who reminds you how important you are in his life. The one who never failed to make you feel giddy and special every single day. The one who will constantly wow you with the littlest of things. The one who comes into your life like rapids in the flowing river or like waves in the still ocean. The one you didn’t see coming.

Wait for the man who deserves all of you. The one who is madly and deeply in love with you. The one who makes all these years of waiting worth it.

Darling, just let your heart wait. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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