Today I Thought About You

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Today I thought about you. I prayed to God that He may take care of you and watch over you, wherever your endeavors take you.

Today I remembered what it was like to have you by my side. How fortunate I was to be loved by a soul like you.

Today I thought about you. I thought of your smile, how my heart skipped a beat at the sight of it, a feeling that has been long lost since you left.

Today I thought about how you made me feel powerful in the tiniest of ways. How your love always started a fire that kept blazing with the knowledge that you always had my back.

Today I remembered how my heart followed in the path of yours. I remembered how lost I am without you. I remembered how much happiness you brought to my life and how alive I always felt with you by my side.

Today I thought about you, with tears in my eyes and a sharp pain in my heart. It felt like losing you all over again. It hurt so bad that I longed see you, even though I was the one who pushed you away and locked you of my world.

Today I remembered the feel of your lips on mine, the feel of your hug, so tender and warm.

Today I remembered how it felt like looking into your eyes. I remembered how they made mine dance around and water for no reason whatsoever.

Today I remembered how it felt when I told you I loved you every single time I had the chance.

Today I thought of all the possible ways I could have been a better friend, a better lover to you. How I could have learnt to say thank you and appreciate you more often for all you did. To say sorry whenever I crossed a line, whenever my imperfections caught up with me. I thought of all the ways I could have made you feel special, not just for the sake of words, but because you deserved more than I ever gave.

Today I remembered how easy you were to love. So effortless.

Today I remembered how good a feeling it was being loved my someone like you. And like many other days, I thought of how different my life would be with you in it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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