I Want To Love You Like This

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I want to love you like I’m new to this thing called love. I want to have all the feelings and vulnerabilities and all the excitement that comes with it, without fear of shame or judgement. I want to love you like my heart has never tripped on a word called pain or hurt. Like they were a wave that came and went. Nothing more.

I want to love you like nothing else ever existed in this world. Like God made this world with only you and I in mind.

I want to love you like the air that I breathe, never at any point taking you for granted. I want to breathe you in and hold for as long as I can simply because everything feels so right that way.

I want to love you like we’re two kids in love who have no idea what love is. They have no clue of what they are getting into, but their innocence guides their every step.

I want to love you in ways I never thought possible, giving you the best of me without holding back.

I want to love you like you’re the most gracious creature that ever blessed this earth. Like all the beauty of this world bows in your presence. Such warmth and pureness of the heart is unlike anything of this world.

I want to love you till the stars up in heaven learn to keep up with us. Till they only twinkle for you and me.

I want to love you like our lives are entangled. Like you are the one thing that my heart beats for. Like you are the one thing I can’t do without. Because it’s true.

I want to love you like you were my first, the one thing I desire to do right by and, like a secret worth everything, hold onto for as long as the heavens above allow.

I want to love you like we are two people who could start a fire and nothing in this world or the heavens could put it out. I want to love you every day like it’s my last.

I want to love you, each day learning the intricacies of your heart and you mine, fighting and healing each other along the way and growing together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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