This Is How You Heal And Start Living Again

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They say that all we need is time.

But time itself is a sad commemoration of all the things that happened and the things we could have had. I guess time is a necessary catalyst of the healing process, but it’s not the sole remedy for heartbreaks and shattered dreams. Just like the rain that day served as an essential catalyst of our final unsaid goodbye, but nothing as major as your slowly fading silhouette in the mist. We need more than time to heal: friends, new memories, a strong will, and the right attitude.

Our common comprehension of forever is a major limitation for a dimension that has no poles. Forever happens in our afternoon daydreams or on our way to school, or work, or in our night contemplations. Forever is this illusionary time frame we create in looping fractals of memories and all the what-if’s.

So here’s how you take your first step to really start living again: Accept that your kind of forever has ended and move on.

Time trickles fast and one of life’s biggest ironic tragedies is to live life backwards. Life is really short, time is not on our side, and the world won’t wait. You shouldn’t dwell in the past anymore because the past has simply become what it is: the past. Doing so will only make you detached even further from your present being.

Instead dive headfirst into your biggest dreams and sail freely along the coastline of your visions. Forget the world for a while and drown yourself in the deafening beats of your favorite music. Travel across the country and see how different seasons put you into different moods. Cry when your favorite character in a movie dies an unfair tragic death. Read books no one else has read before. Love again like he is the last soul standing on earth. Laugh like it’s the funniest joke you’ve ever heard since ages.

There are moments ahead that will awaken the dormant energy inside you that reverberate life the way you need to live it. Moments where your vigor will shock the universe just because you decide you want to.

So go out there and live your life, before your lungs burst out from breathing too many air bubbles, before your to-do list becomes a bucket list, before your loudest thoughts in your mind become silent whispers you can no longer hear.

Be completely passionate in whatever you decide to work on, be totally immersed in the things you are currently doing. Be fully there in every moment.

Be bold. Be happy. Be passionate. Be awesome. Be alive. Be you.

If you are tired of walking, run. If you are tired of running, fly. If you are tired of living, rage towards the end. If you feel like dying inside, embrace life like you have nothing to lose anymore. Soar high above your own definition of your limit and see how far you can make it in the infinite realm. If you decide to alter your path, steer your wheel 180 degrees to a completely new venture you don’t even know yet.

Your mind will remember all the dead ends. The middle of nowheres. Junctions. Highways. Free passes. Chance encounters. They will be mapped in your blood vessels and every memory will be instilled deep down in your heartbeats.

Somewhere along the line, you will find yourself. And when you do, it’s going to be this wonderful beginning of something truly amazing.

Start living in the now and focus on things that truly matter.

Everything else will follow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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