Here’s Why You Should Never Settle, Ever


Settling is a lot like entering a shop, successfully spotting an item you like, finding out in the end that that there are no available stocks for that item, but taking it although it is slightly damaged, in hopes that you can still repair it at home.

It could also be possible that you opt to take another item which you like less. You know you could do better but you’re tired of searching and waiting. It’s not ideal and it may not be the best but sometimes, waiting is the only right option.

And maybe we need to feel tired so that when the right one comes, it will feel more fulfilling because then we’ll appreciate that it was worth everything.

People ask me how I manage to stay single in this world full of “in a relationship” and “it’s complicated” Facebook statuses. I tell them that I find comfort in knowing that I am waiting for the right person and I am not forcing myself to fall in love with the only available people right now.

I am not settling.

Here’s the thing, when you don’t settle, you’re actually doing yourself and the other person a big favor. By not settling, you are allowing yourself to explore and know what and who you really want. You are giving yourself an opportunity to grow more and to turn into someone whom only the right person deserves.

Also, you are giving other people a chance to find perfection and happiness in someone else who deserves them more at the moment. In other words, you both get what you deserve.

When you’re aware that you’re only settling, you should know that it’s not only unfair to you but also impractical for the other person. When you know in your heart that it won’t work, you’re not willing to work for it, and you see that it will eventually end, do yourself a favor and stop it before it even begins.

Life is too short to waste on things that you’re not doing for the sake of love. Time is too precious to spend with people who are way less than what and who you deserve.

When you’re tired of waiting, you may think that it’s easier to just settle with the available options at the moment. It’s really tempting because it’s true that it’s easy. But do you really like ‘easy’? Is ‘easy’ the best possible choice? Is it the right choice? Is it worth your time and effort?

When was the last time you went for what you want or who you really love? If you are currently doing it, then you’re lucky. If not or if the last time was a long time ago, do you still remember how that felt? It might have caused pain somewhere in between or even at the end or you may be hurting until now, but it felt different, right? You might even be unable to explain that feeling right now. I don’t blame you because I have learned that the best feelings in life cannot be explained by words. Going back, some of us might not have ended up with who we wanted before. It might have been painful to the point that it already changed your perspective of love and made you believe that it’s no different with settling. You might have felt that going for who you love is a waste of time when it didn’t even last.

But no kind of love is ever a waste of time.

If you think it is, then maybe it isn’t love at all. It might have not worked out with them but you also know that the relationships you just settled into never have given you that unexplainable feeling.

You will only get that feeling again when you go for what you know is in your heart. So don’t be afraid to take the risk because it will always be worth it.

Don’t settle. Wait for the right one.
Because the right love will be legendary. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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