I’m An Independent Woman, But I Still Love My Man


We live in an age where woman are now considered equal to men, a feat that could not even be fathomed a century ago. The illusion that women must stay in the kitchen and look after the kids has been shattered. It has been proven that females can perform just as well, better in some cases, as males in their occupations.

This equality has led me to understand that I am an independent woman, as so many of you are. I know that I do not need a man to do things for me that I can do for myself. I can make something of myself and support myself based solely off my abilities and talents. And we women have many talents.

However, though I do not need a man in my life, I like having one. It is nice to have someone reach the things on the top shelf. It is easier to have him kill the spiders and open jars. He offers me support, love, and companionship. This boy makes me feel safe and secure. He accepts me for me. He causes me to laugh and has never made me cry. Does that mean that I am dependent on him?

I think no. If he was not around, I could pull a stool over to grab the hard-to-reach items. I could kill the scary bugs and hit the jars off my counter to loosen the lids. My family and friends can offer me love, support, and laughter. I always have my dog for companionship and security. All my basic needs would be covered without a significant other.

Also, I know I would be fine without him. I’ve done it before. I know that I can survive, and even thrive, on my own. But, I don’t want to. I don’t think this makes me any less of a woman. I don’t think this makes me any less independent. I firmly believe that independence isn’t doing everything for yourself all the time. It is knowing that you can but allowing someone to help you. It is knowing you can still be your own person while in a relationship.

Independence is different for every person. I just happen to think that you can be independent with others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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