To Those Who Only Want More


Life. What is it? What is its meaning? Why were we put on this earth?

These are questions that we constantly struggle with, no matter what point in our lives we are. But us twenty- somethings still in school seem to struggle with this concept the most.

We are still trying to find ourselves. What we want out of life and what decisions will affect us for the rest of our lives. There is so much pressure to be somebody, to do something great, to make a shit ton of money and be successful because in the end that is what is going to make us happy.

This exact pressure is what has us questioning constantly what our purpose in life is and why the hell we are not happy once we achieve it or why we are miserable working towards this goal. We delude ourselves into thinking that grinding ourselves down to our very bones, working towards this goal will give us the ultimate pay off. That it is okay to be miserable right now because we will be happy later.

We are wrong.

There is no ultimate pay off because nothing will ever be enough. If we are not happy now with ourselves and what we are doing then what the hell makes us think that we will be happy or satisfied later?

Some of us are stuck studying for a career that we hate or that we have no real interest in because it will make us the most money and let us live comfortably just because the career we actually want or have a real passion for might not pay the bills. We sell our souls for the chance to not have money be an issue. It’s not a bad thing,really. It’s one less worry we will have to endure in life but money can not buy happiness. Yes, money can buy things or even people that will make us happy for a moment in time but lets be honest when we die we can’t exactly take the things or the money that we accumulated in life with us. So, that multimillionaire CEO, dies exactly the same as the next poor bastard.

Even when we are in a career that we love or studying something we enjoy, we are still not happy because we still do not have this or that or we feel unfulfilled for the same reasons.

When we stop focusing on the things we do not have or the goal that we have yet to achieve and we actually focus on the here and now. The moment that we are living in right now, and we stop and reflect on the people, the things, the goals that we have achieved already, and the moments that we have already experienced then maybe for just a moment we will achieve some form of happiness and acceptance.

The reason we question life and our place in it is because we think we’re not happy but the reality of that is that we just have not accepted who we are. We are trying to “find ourselves” because we have not accepted ourselves. We only see the flaws and screw ups. We are the ones who make ourselves unhappy. We are the only ones standing in the way of being happy.

And when we stop fixating on what purpose we have in this life, will we actually realize it. For some of us it will take longer to realize than others but when we do, it may just hit like a bolt of lightning or it could be like the rays of the sun breaking through the clouds and warming your skin when you didn’t even know you were cold. We just need to remember not to associate happiness with money,things or people. Those types of things are temporary and can be easily taken from our grasp. We can only make ourselves happy, everything else is just a bonus. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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