There Is Something About You That Makes Me Fearless

Fearless girl in love
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There’s something about you that makes me fearless. It’s in your eyes in the morning when you say “good morning” and ask me for cuddles to the point that I just melt and say yes.

It’s in the way you throw your head back and laugh loudly at something silly I said. You have an infectious laugh and I would keep saying silly things if it meant hearing it all the time.

It’s there in the honesty of your words when you tell me that you aren’t certain about the future but that things will unfold as they should. You have always believed in living in the moment and savoring what we have now.

It’s in how you offered me happiness, valiantly placing it on my feet and daring me to take a chance.

It’s in the way you drag me to the dance floor, asking me to trust you and just dance. And I did. I danced to your song, to your beat, and to the wild beat of my heart as we laughed at ourselves and not caring one iota what others thought about such an odd pair.

It’s always easy to let go with you, there is no room for inhibitions, lies, and hang ups. There’s only you and your goofy smile telling me that everything will be ok.

There’s something about you that makes me lighter. It’s in the way you will lovingly grab my hand and ask me to try things. Try a new game, try a new song, try a new show, or try a new outlook in life. Try joy and nonchalance.

It’s there in the many late nights we stayed up. I often lay down on the couch with my feet propped on your lap as you caress them almost absentmindedly while you regale me with tales of space, science, and heartbreaks. You are a hardcore raconteur and I am your captive audience. I often find myself wishing hard that nights like this will keep going for a long time.

It’s in the way you would wake up early on weekends to make me breakfast and sit with me quietly, as we become engrossed in our Sudoku and Crossword puzzles, never noticing the greater puzzle that is us.

There is something about you that makes me feel freer. It’s in the way you urge me to become everything I’ve always wanted to be. Listening to my dreams, telling me that you will always be in the front row seat, whooping at my achievements and basically being my one man cheering squad.

Everything that I have become now, it’s all you. You held my hand in yours while you effortlessly slayed my demons and helped me get back up again, braver and fiercer than I ever was.

It’s in the way you open up my eyes and tell me to look at myself in the mirror to see everything you see in me. You stand behind me as we stare at our reflection and whisper to me that I am not a broken girl, but the woman who brought back happiness into your life and to so many others that I have touched. You released me from the bonds that I have restrained myself in.

There’s something about you that makes me younger. It’s in your easy gait as you walk purposely towards me in a crowd with a huge grin on your face and making me feel like I am Christmas and you’re the kid that’s been told too many times to wait until midnight before you can open your gift.

It’s in your voice, sounding so earnest, asking me some absurd question like can we get it on now, please? or what is consciousness? and we would burst out laughing.

It’s in your delight when you get engrossed in everything I have taken for granted. You make me want to go back to my childhood so I can do it all with you, play every game, climb every tree, race every street, attend every ball, and drown in the beauty of young love.

There is something about you that makes me bolder. It is in how you offer the world to me, brazenly daring me to go on adventures with you, leave the demands  of real life for a week, and go somewhere where nobody knows us and just bask in the wonder and beauty that the world has to offer.

It is in your sleepy jetlagged voice when you’d ask me if I wanted to order room service for  breakfast at 6 in the evening in New Delhi. I would shake my head slowly and snuggle deeper to you.

It is in your pure delight in all the times you dragged me off the bed for the little things you know I will enjoy like stargazing or going to the fair. There is no small escapade for you, everything is new, each one is exhilarating.

You are always down for anything and I love that about you. You are so keen to experience life, ready to absorb everything it has to offer and you share it all with me, making me see the beauty of it all through your eyes.

I was never an adventurous person, I kept to myself all my life, meticulously coloring inside the lines making sure every aspect of my world is safe, quiet and dependable as Monday morning.

I have always valued stability and reliability, the less chaos, the better. I craved the ordinary and found perfect solace in the mundane. 

I was never one to turn my world upside down, always opting for security and calm. But you came into my life and redefined all the words that I have known all my life.

You have shown me that safe is not being inside my box but rather it is us spooning during a rainy afternoon, my heart calm and at peace. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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