11 Facts To Face When You Love Someone Who’s In The Process Of Moving On

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Loving someone is one of the best feeling in the world – whether it’s being reciprocated or not. But as much as it makes us all happy and feel alive, it could also hurt our feelings like hell.

It is never easy to love someone especially when you’re expecting to have it in return. And it’s never easy NOT to expect when that someone acts as if he also likes you. He may or he may not meant to let you feel this way, but whatever it is, you expect simply and solely because you want his love.

You want his love even if it seems like he doesn’t like you. You want his love even if there are more reasons why you shouldn’t like him. You want his love even if he doesn’t care about you. You want his love even if he’s complicated. You want his love even if he could be the worst person to love. And you want his love even if he’s still in the process of moving on from his past relationship that he loved the most.

What to face when you’re in love with someone who’s in the process of moving on:

1. If you’re good friends, it hurts to listen to his stories with her past.

2. Acting like you’re listening because you’re purely just being a friend.

3. Seeing their undeleted pictures together on social media.

4. You have to understand his mood swings.

5. Listening to his words carefully because you’re trying to read between the lines.

6. Understanding why he isn’t ready for love yet.

7. Understanding why he doesn’t want to commit.

8. Accepting the fact that you may or may not have a chance to be with him.

9. Waiting in vain.

10. Hearing him say “I still love her.”…

11. And looking at his eyes while he’s saying those words and can’t do anything but to hold back your feelings, feel how much he’s hurting, feel how much sorry you are that he has to experience that, and feel how much more hurt you are than he actually is.

You don’t have to compete with his ex-girlfriend. You don’t have to look like her and be like her just to make him fall for you. Because what he needs is someone who is not exactly like his past. He need a different person who will be there to listen and be a friend to him. And what he needs the most is time. Time to heal his heart that was once broken and put it back into pieces by his own. Yes – on his own. Yes, you could be a big help in this process, but he is the only one who could put the pieces back together. He’s the only one who can make his heart whole again.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the one who first loved him. It doesn’t matter how long it would take, because what really matters is that 0.01% chance you had with him at the very beginning of your “friends-that-may-soon-to-turn-into-lovers” relationship. Keep on holding on to that very little chance, because most of the time, love happens at the most unexpected situation. Love happens when you’re almost losing hope and was about to give up. Love happens with the most unexpected person. And love happens when you expect that there’s no love at all… Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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