48 Questions To Ask Yourself To Get Clear Now

  Ryan Moreno
Ryan Moreno

Are you asking yourself the right questions as you go through life?

Years ago, I was sitting in a coffee shop in a city I don’t even remember, minding my own business, looking as preoccupied as ever, when the man and woman at the next table started having a heated discussion … and interrupting my perfect little zen space.

I was just about to get up and move to a quieter corner of the shop when I heard the woman say: “What’s worse – Failing or never trying, never knowing?”

Wow. What a powerful question. It brought me out of my own world and into reality like a bucket of ice water!

I remember that I had already stood up from my chair by the time she uttered the question but I kept standing there, frozen. It felt awkward but I really, really, wanted to hear the rest of that conversation.

The Power of Asking Yourself the Right Question

Questions carry power. Asking yourself the right question can literally awaken a voice inside you that can start the process of changing your life. This is a fact, not an exaggeration. The day that I asked myself this question was the beginning of my life-changing decision to quit my cushy corporate job:

Why not me? Why can’t I start my own business, quit my job and change my life?

So if you are feeling lost and confused, if you have lost your way temporarily, if you can’t get a good grip on life, relax. Be gentle with yourself. You are doing your best and you will find your way again by asking the right powerful questions.

Here’s 48 life questions to ask yourself – not all at once – to get clear again.

These questions have no right or wrong answer. Ask them over and over and listen. Just listen to yourself. Let your inner voice bring you clarity, peace of mind, and open you to the path of discovery. Discovery of who you are, what you truly want in life and why you are here.

1. How can I bring more joy and happiness into my life today?
2. What is the story I am telling myself about me?
3. What expectation do I have of [my spouse, partner, lover] and why?
4. What is in the way of my happiness today?
5. How can I love myself more today?
6. What can I be grateful for right now?
7. What is the price I am willing to pay for giving up my dream?
8. What is the price I am willing to pay for realizing my dream?
9. How can I live the highest, truest expression of myself every day?
10. What can I do to be of service to humanity every day?
11. Does my career align to my core values?
12. Does what I do in my job make a positive difference in the world?
13. How can I be a better person today?
14. What act of kindness can I show a stranger today?
15. How can I simplify my life?
16. What do I hold on to that I would be better off letting go?
17. What gets in my way of feeling joy and peace?
18. Do I stay in my business or meddle in the business of others?
19. How do I feel about my work?
20. How doI feel about my relationships?
21. How do I feel about myself?
22. What is my spiritual practice?
23. How do I stay grounded and confident, regardless of circumstance?
24. How can I nurture my body better?
25. Do I pay attention to my life?
26. Do I hear my inner voice and listen to my intuition?
27. Do I act in a way that makes me proud?
28. Do I like the person I am?
29. How can I create my dream future by taking the right steps today?
30. How do I take excellent care of my body?
31. Do I treat myself and others with respect?
32. Do I tolerate anything that hurts, abuses, or sabotages me in any form?
33. Do I live in the present moment?
34. Do I give my loved ones the true love and attention they deserve?
35. Do I ask for what I need?
36. What do I do – consciously or sub-consciously – that sabotages my ultimate success?
37. What is my life’s purpose here?
38. How do I create a legacy of my life’s work?
39. Do I bring positive energy into people’s lives?
40. What part of myself do I want to improve the most?
41. Do I do something that is fun and play every day?
42. Do I ask for help without feeling guilty?
43. Do I feel that I am good enough in every way?
44. What is my deep desire and drive in life?
45. How do I live with more intention in my actions?
46. Who can I forgive today?
47. Who can I thank today?
48. Who can I learn from today?

Got a few minutes to spare? Start asking away.

Take 10 minutes or an hour – whatever you feel is right for you – to ask yourself a powerful question every day. You can ask more than one, or you can ponder the same question. You can write down your answer, type it away on your favorite digital device or just walk with it, sit with it and be with it.

Just remember to stay with the same question until the answer comes to you from within.

You will find true success and happiness if you have only one goal, there really is only one, and that is this: to fulfill the highest most truthful expression of yourself as a human being. ~Oprah Winfrey

Your turn: Do you have a question that brings you out of confusion and into clarity when life gets tough? Share it in the comments below, and do share this post with a friend who needs the love and guidance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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