Let’s Not Be Something

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It’s not so scary that we go so easily from someone’s everything to someone’s nothing. It is scary that it happens so seamlessly we don’t even notice it happening. Not until we’re on the other side. The gap is too wide. The distance is too big. We’re way too far. And by that time it’s almost always impossible to get back. But it’s not like one day we were close and the next we no longer were. The truth is that distance grows every day. Each time we put off texting back. We cancel meeting. We don’t answer or return that call. We change plans. We look elsewhere. We feel it’s becoming a burden. We think it demands too much time. We prioritize something or someone else. We think we’ll do it tomorrow. Or next week. Or next month. When we save up. We get paid. We have a spare hour or two. We’re less tired. The trouble is we always think there’s more time. And more time will keep coming. Endlessly. Timelessly. Miraculously. Like there’s a waterfall of months and years. Like we can somehow keep it and freeze it and take it when we want and bottle the rest. And yet time doesn’t work like that. It works on moments. And when moments pass we don’t get those moments again. Why don’t we see that? We think we’re different. Our time is different. Our opportunities are different. Our chances of working out are greater. We’re immune to distance. To growing apart. To separation. To break up. To ending. The same way every other friendship or relationship did before it died. And yet we’re not. That’s not how it is. The truth is we don’t go from everything to nothing. We go from everything to something to nothing. Let’s not be something. TC mark

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