I’m Still Learning How To Be Brave

Larue Brock / Unsplash

I’m still learning how to be bold. I’m still learning to choose my truth over my need to be accepted. I’m still learning to be proud of my socially unaccepted beliefs and lifestyle. I’m still learning to follow my principles when I’m pressured to do otherwise. I’m still learning to stand alone under the sun instead of standing under the rain with a group of people because at the end of the day, being brave is about being who I am on the inside, and not about pretending I am someone I am not on the outside.

I’m still learning how to be fearless. I’m still learning how to let people in. I’m still learning that we need to let people see us for who we are because that’s how we allow others to love us for who we are rather than the idea of us. I’m still learning that being brave also means allowing others to be themselves around us. I’m still learning that a genuine connection with someone only happens when we are the best and the worst version of ourselves. I’m still learning that allowing yourself to love someone and be loved by them is crazy brave. I’m still learning that being open about our feelings and fears in life is the bravest thing a person can do. That sometimes opening to someone saves your life, and that sometimes opening to someone changes your story.

I’m still learning that sometimes bravery merely lays in letting go rather than in holding on.

I’m still learning that the mainstream definition of bravery isn’t necessarily what bravery truly is. I’m still learning that slowing down is not a sign of weakness. Being a superhero all the time isn’t brave. Sometimes, asking for help is brave. Letting others give you the support and love you need is brave. Allowing someone to be your rock is brave. Also, making your well-being a priority isn’t selfish, it’s an act of self-love. Accepting your emotions as they are instead of hiding them or even worse, denying them is brave. Caring for other, giving a shit about their feelings, being concerned about someone other than ourselves is so so so brave. And letting go of toxic people even if they are friends and family is not shameful, it’s courageous.

I’m still learning how to be kind. I’m still learning how to treat someone with respect when they are being disrespectful. I’m still learning to be there for someone in their hour of need even though they weren’t there in mine. I’m still learning how to approach racism with love. I’m still learning how to fight injustice with reason instead of anger. I’m still learning how to be kind to everyone around me including myself. I’m still learning to give myself the things I’m busy giving everyone else. I’m still learning that being brave is closely connected to the relationship we have with ourselves. When we feel good about ourselves, we feel strong, and that strength pushes us to rise to the occasion.

And that makes us brave because we become unstoppable regardless of the obstacles we may face or the fears we may have. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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