If You Want A Happy Ending, This Is The Girl You Need To Marry

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Marry the girl who loves you when you aren’t loving because she loves you for the right reasons. She loves you for the flawed guy you are today, and not for the perfect guy you can become tomorrow. She doesn’t try to change you into someone you are not because she wants you as you are. Her love for you is pure because it doesn’t come with expectations, conditions, or incentives. She doesn’t give up on you when everyone else has lost hope.

She doesn’t walk away because things are tough or not going her way. She shows up, tries, and stays.

She’s the girl who wants you when you have nothing. She doesn’t want you for your job status, fortune, or looks. She wants your big heart, brilliant mind, and beautiful body. She wants your weird jokes, broken smile, and magical presence. She wants your struggles, your issues, and insecurities. She wants you, the real you.

She’s your best friend first, and your lover second.

This girl will tell you what you don’t want to hear, but desperately need to hear, because she is your real friend. This girl will call you out for being an asshole because she wants to push you to be better. This girl will have heated arguments with you about life, your past, and future plans because she wants to get to know you on a deep, intense level. This girl will be bothered by your low investment, inconsistent effort, or confusing signs because she isn’t afraid to challenge you.

She’s the girl who doesn’t want to be with you when you’ve established yourself, she wants to witness your growth. She doesn’t want to be with you only when you have the world to give her, she wants to cherish the little things.

And she doesn’t want to be with you because she doesn’t want to end up alone, she wants to be with you because you are her person.

And she’s the different one, the exception. The one you tell things to you weren’t able to share with past lovers. She’s the one who doesn’t get threatened by your close female friends or threatened by the solid relationship you have with your family. She’s the one who knows something is wrong by the tone of your voice, by the words you type in a text, by simply looking at you. She’s the one you spend boring Sunday afternoons with like you spend your wild Friday nights. She’s the one who knows your childhood stories by heart. She’s the one who hypes you up and overwhelms you with surprises just because.

Marry the girl you read about in fiction books, see in the movies, and secretly pray for at night. Marry the girl who you never thought you would be good enough for or blessed enough to have in your life.

Marry the girl who is comfortable and comforting, but dangerous at the same time. She’s the type of girl you need in your life because she’s the one who creates conflict in you; your mind knows she’s right for you, but your heart is scared.

She makes you a believer after a long time of not believing. TC mark

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