50 Little Pep Talks That Will Make You Feel Better, Worthy, And Magical AF In No Time

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1. You are home for someone seeking refugee

2. The person who can save you has been standing in front of you this whole time

3. Life will go on without you, but it will never be the same

4. Don’t ever change who you are so you can fit in, so you can be accepted. You are exactly what the world needs right now

5. The stars fell from the sky and they landed in your eyes

6. You’re not going to be everybody’s favorite, and that’s kind of the point

7. When you feel the most unloved, remember how lovely and loving you truly are

8. It’s scary to show your dark side to someone you care about because they might leave. But, they might stay, and it will turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made

9.  Your heart is your strongest asset, your looks are just a bonus

10. To be loved by you is a blessing, not a burden, and it’s a privilege not a right

11. You are worthy of the love you pray for at night

12. The world belongs to you, and you belong to this world

13. Your beauty isn’t about how perfect you are, it’s about how imperfectly perfect you are

14. In a world that glorifies detachment, be an empathetic soul

15. Three things the sooner you accept, the happier you become: your past, your responsibilities, and rejection

16. You are enough in your bad days like you are in your good ones

17. You are the reason someone got out of bed today. Don’t ever underestimate your importance in this world

18. Life can be a nightmare at times, but it can be a beautiful dream that you never thought can come true

19. You can’t fix people, but you can heal them

20.  Just because someone fails to see your worth, it doesn’t mean that you’re invisible. It just means that they are blind to who magical you are

21. You don’t need someone to complete you, but you do need someone to make you feel whole

22. You can’t make someone see how fabulous you are, but you can definitely move on from them

23. It’s only when you care that you make a real difference. The kind of difference that stays with someone for a lifetime

24. Stay true to who you are even if it means that you come home to nothing but yourself because it’s better than going home to everything, but not yourself

25. Love will find you when you are least ready, but it will be exactly what you need

26. You don’t deserve someone who lets you go because you’re too good for them, you deserve someone who hold on to you because they know how rare you are

27. Vulnerability is your ultimate key to living a life that looks good on the outside and feels better on the inside

28. Never stop fighting for the things you deserve in this life because the moment you do, you stop fighting for yourself

29. Be kind because everyone else is busy being scared instead

30. Things sometimes don’t work because they’re not meant for us, and not because we were the wrong person for the job

31. You can’t be everything to everyone, but you can be what someone desperately needs in a given moment and that’s everything

32. When approaching a mistake you’ve done or a decision you regret, don’t ask yourself why you did it, ask yourself what you can do about it

33. The future looks good just because you’re in it

34. Three things you should never compromise for someone; your standards, your self-worth, and your dreams

35. Don’t wait for others to be your friend, be their friend first

36. Someone will love you for exactly who you are, you just need to show them who you are first

37. There are two types of people in this world: the ones who make excuses and the ones who make things happen, the ones who are scared and the ones who are scared but do it anyway, and the ones who judge and the ones who love

38. Darling, you are allowed to be real, you’re allowed to feel all of your feelings

39. You can’t save people, you can only be there for them as they save themselves

40. When you feel like you can’t do it anymore, remember where you truly come from. Remember that you are a sky full of stars and nothing can dim your infinite, transcending light

41. Don’t let those who are afraid of chasing after dreams prevent you from chasing after yours

42. You are someone’s favorite song they haven’t heard yet

43. There’s nothing wrong in the way you love, you just have been loving the wrong one all along

44. You are one in a million, that’s how unbelievably unique you are

45. It’s easier to give than receive. Allow yourself to ask for help, to be appreciated, to be acknowledged, to be loved

46. You don’t need the world to believe in you to be a somebody, but you do need to believe in yourself instead

47. Let your words have meaning, let your silence have impact

48. You are never going to be alone because the universe lives within you. See, you are a part of the universe and the universe is a part of you

49. Be your own best friend because it’s the relationship you have with yourself that changes everything

50. You are not nothing. You are everything, and more TC mark

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