I Hope You Make 2018 Your Bitch

Drew Graham

I hope you embrace the badass in you. I hope you become your own cheerleader, your own coach, your own mentor before you go looking for someone to be that for you. I hope you are honest but kind. I hope you hold your head up high when you talk about your past. I hope you stop apologizing for things that aren’t your mistakes. I hope you stand-up for yourself when someone does you wrong. I hope you let go of the person who doesn’t hold on to you. I hope you start believing in yourself more than ever. I hope you don’t settle, I hope you don’t give-up, I hope you don’t become ordinary.

I hope you live-up to your potential and even beyond. I hope you make your dreams happen instead of waiting for them to magically happen. I hope you save yourself instead of secretly wishing someone will come save you. I hope you do something about the things you hate about your life instead of just complaining. I hope you get things crossed off your to do and wish lists instead of adding more items. I wish you tell yourself that the best time to start is right now. I hope you challenge yourself to be a rounded person. I hope you do the things that make you feel uncomfortable. I hope you become unstoppable. I hope your voice becomes heard. And I hope your spirit becomes untamable.

I hope you realize that you are a work in progress, a success story, a living miracle.

I hope you find the meaning of self-love. I hope you accept yourself for who you are. In fact, I hope you be who you are unapologetically. I hope you let go of everything that you are not, and welcome everything that you actually are. I hope you hold high standards for yourself and everyone else. I hope you feed the relationship you have with yourself because no money, no fame, no attention in this world can ever replace it. I hope you know that sometimes, loving yourself means being selfish, heartless and careless. I hope you know that there’s nothing wrong with doing what’s best for you. I hope you spend time with yourself over being in a crowded room feeling lonely af. I hope you draw boundaries. I hope you say no. I hope you don’t take shit from anyone, especially from those who are closest to you. I hope you take a risk on those who are worth it, on those who have earned it. 

I hope you be brave in your own truth. I hope you don’t get scared off by people’s opinions or their perspective of you. I hope you don’t worry about losing people because those who don’t encourage you aren’t your people. I hope you make 2018 your bitch because if you don’t, it will make you her bitch instead. TC mark

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