You Are Bad For Me But I Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Unsplash / Drew Graham

You are bad for my mental health. You are wishy-washy. You are so confusing. You love me but you won’t commit. You admire me but you treat me like I am nothing. You love everything about me yet you criticize the little things that make me, me.

You give truth a bad name. You lie. You say you’ll call, but you never do. You say you are sorry yet you do it over and over again. You are not direct about your intentions for me. You are not honest about who you spend time with. You hide things from me. You tell me excuses. If your lies were water, I would be dead by now.

You are bad for my happiness. You make me cry tears I forgot I had. You are a thief. You steal away my smiles and my hopes for the future. You demolish all I ever believed of love, companionship and fairytales.

You are bad for my heart. You wound it. You damage it. You break it into a million pieces.

You are bad for my safety. You disappear. You are not there when I need you the most. You leave. You are unavailable, unreachable, unfound. You are temporary. You are not loyal. You are not responsible. And you ignite chaotic feelings in me. You make me expect the worst. You make my walls go sky high, ground deep.

You are bad for my self-worth. You want to own me. You want to control me. To have the upper hand. You want me to make sacrifices for you. And you want me to love the way you do. You want me to be careless with people’s hearts. You want me to be selfish. You want me to say words I don’t mean and give promises I don’t intend to keep. You want me to be all the things I am not. Shallow. Fake. Weak. Unkind.

You are bad for me because you know what I need. You are bad for me because you know what I am looking for. You are bad for me because you know how unique I am. You are bad for me because you are blocking the person I deserve from coming into my life. You won’t hold on to me and you won’t let go. You sound good on paper and you look better in person yet you feel bad. You are not good for me. Not even a little. No at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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