50 Uncomfortable Facts About The Girl Who Loves Too Much That You Need To Know

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1. She loves people for who they are

2. Her loving nature is overwhelming

3. She doesn’t withhold from showing people how much they mean to her

4. She loses herself in ideas, people and things

5. Her love is hard to find

6. She falls for people who are wrong for her

7. She gives second chances

8. The way she loves you changes you

9. She is always there for you, even when you don’t need her

10. She knows you like no-one else does

11. Love is her religion

12. She believes in you more than you believe in yourself

13. The girl who loves too much makes you a priority

14. She worries about you 24/7

15. Kindness means everything to her

16. She doesn’t let go when she must

17. Her love inspires you to be a better person

18. She’s one of the bravest people you’ll ever meet

19. She can’t say no when asked for a favor

20. People misunderstand her

21. She’s vulnerable

22. She calls you out on your bullshit, non-sense crap but doesn’t judge you for it

23. She does anything for her parents

24. Life with her in it has more meaning

25. She doesn’t give-up on you especially when the rest of the world does

26. She’s honest when everyone else sugarcoats the truth

27. Her smile brings you hope and that’s scary

28. How much she loves people terrifies her but it doesn’t stop her from wearing her heart on her sleeve

29. She trusts people including the not trustworthy

30. Love is her drug

31. She doesn’t forgive herself for hurting someone’s feelings

32. Rejection is her companion

33. She’s soft but she has an edge to her

34. She replies to your texts, calls and snapchats right away

35. She’s supportive of your dreams and passions in a way you’re not used to

36. People take her for granted

37. She pays attention to how people in your life care for you because she’s got your back

38. She handles difficult situations with grace

39. She respects people regardless of how they treat her

40. People around her criticize her for staying friends with people who did her wrong

41. She stays loving even when you’re the reason behind her tears

42. She expresses her anger and pain in healthy ways

43. Her heart is not broken despite all the heartbreak

44. She’s the whole package; a team player, a best friend and a lover

45. She’s obsessed with the little things

46. She gets hurt when she sees someone in pain

47. Selfishness is foreign language to her

48. She doesn’t know how to love herself sometimes

49. Her love doesn’t run out. It lasts forever

50. Well, she loves too much. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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