10 Ways Keeping A Gratitude Diary Helps You Regain Positivity In 2017


1. Looking at things from a positive perspective. You start to see how bad things happen so better things fall into place. You stop beating-up yourself about the opportunities you missed in life and begin to see that it was for your best interest in the long run.

2. Being thankful for your experiences in life. You begin to understand how the good and the bad in your past made you the person you are today; stronger, wiser, kinder. A gratitude journal allows you to heal and makes room for forgiveness.

3. Becoming more appreciative for the people in your life. You start valuing their existence more and all the beautiful things they bring to your life especially the little things. A gratitude diary helps you see people’s roles in your life and how they add to your happiness.

4. Feeling a deeper connection to the world. You become more in-tune with the world as you become thankful for everything it’s offering you. And you begin to see that extraordinary beauty in flowers, animals, and babies.

5. Becoming more compassionate towards others. When you write down everything that you are thankful for, you begin to see how privileged you are. You feel how lucky you are to have what you have. So you become more empathetic towards people who lack it and those who struggle to have a portion of it, to live the life that you have.

6. Feeling empowered. One of the amazing things a gratitude diary brings you is power. You become more self-assured and confident because you are aware. You are aware of yourself, your support system, your uniqueness and the things you have been gifted in life.

7. Becoming happier. You will have less things to be sad about and more reasons to be happy for.

8. Living the moment. You become more eager to enjoy life and the company of everyone around you. And so you begin to make the best out of what you have.

9. Becoming more responsible. You want to protect all the wonderful things you have so you start taking a better care of it. You start showing people how much they mean to you. And you put more effort into your relationships at home, in your workplace and with the world in general.

10. Turning to a better person. You become a better person in general because that is what gratitude does to us. It makes us better people. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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