Almost Relationships Make Me Want To Live Under A Rock

 Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

If you have not been a victim of an almost relationship, then you have life figured out or you are the asshole. Almost relationships are bullshit. They are a waste of time, an energy vampire. They make you feel like you are nothing. They make you question your core and what you are made of. They make you question if love is real and if you will ever get the privilege of knowing what normal feels like. Almost relationships take more than they give.

Almost relationships are like the light at the end of the tunnel except you never get to the end. Almost relationships make you lost. Almost relationships are confusing.

No labels, no direction, only broken hearts. With almost relationships, we are never on the same page. There is always one person who wants more and ends-up with less.

Almost relationships have the worst break-ups. It’s like you are not allowed to grieve because you weren’t a thing. People don’t take your situation seriously because they don’t think you are entitled to feeling pain or disappointment because an almost relationship is not official. In almost relationships, cheating is not cheating because there was no commitment to begin with. The magical thing about almost relationships is that everything all the sudden becomes glorified because we simply can’t have it. We crave their company and their attention because we rarely have it a 100%, we have some of it but never ALL of it.

You almost loved someone, you almost dated, he almost said “I love you”, you almost got married. You almost got what you wanted. You almost were wanted. You almost got your happily ever after. You almost held hands in public. You almost put that profile picture of you two. You almost saved their name on your phone as bae. You almost tried.

You tell people you are friends but you know that you are more than that. You do more than hangout but never admit it. You met their family. You met their friends. They’ve been to your favorite place on earth. They almost knew you. They almost saw you. They almost understood you like no-one else did. They almost learned about your story. You were almost loved.

Almost relationships are the kind of curse that happens to us all. And no matter how strong or how well put we are, an almost relationship will always affect us.

We might never get over an almost relationship that never blossomed because we think there was a chance. That one person that could have been your person. That one house you could have built together. That one future that could have been yours. All of it slipped through yours fingers like a snowflake.

I hate almost relationships. You should too. What if we are the ones who are standing in the way of us getting a real, healthy connection? What if we can almost find the love we want?  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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